Vinegar for Cleaning!

How many times have you heard how vinegar is the greatest household cleaner known to man??  Well, I decided to give it a try on our bathroom sink and shower.  We just moved into our house, so it was the perfect test subject!

1) You will need vinegar, blue Dawn (no other color or variation will do), a dish scrubby with a handle, and paper towels.  I got an environmentally friendly sponge so that’s why it is tan-colored.

2) Fill the handle with half dish soap and half vinegar.  I spilled it all over, so I suggest doing this procedure OVER the sink!

3)  This photo is my “before”, where there is a clear ring of goo around the faucet…YUCK!

4) Since this is a tight area, I doused a paper towel in vinegar, wrapped it around the faucet base, and let it sit there for several hours.

5)  Then I wiped around the faucet a bit.  I also scrubbed the sink basin with the scrubber.  Voila!  Super clean sink!!

Now, I know that I didn’t mention the scrubby much here, however, I am currently experimenting with the shower walls and floor.  It is such an easy way to clean the whole shower and it smells great!  Even the hubby is impressed with the sparkling walls, floors and sinks in all our bathrooms!  Vinegar IS an awesome household cleaner in my book!  🙂


Vinegar Sink Experiment


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