Spring Wreath Tutorial

Hi there!  Here’s a quick tutorial on the Spring or Easter Wreath I made for my Spring Craft Swap recently.  It was so easy and done in no time flat!  Let me know how yours turns out or if you modify it…would LOVE to see some photos too.  Enjoy 🙂


All supplies came from Hobby Lobby. I got wooden “O”‘s, green sparkly organza ribbon about 6 inches wide, various Spring felt stickers, Tacky Glue, and more ribbon to hang my wreath.


Next I cut off about a yard, yard and a half, of the green organza ribbon and wrapped it around the “O”. You can do this loose or tight, overlapping or not…it’s up to you!


Here’s the completely wrapped “O”. Not too shabby!


Now the fun part…sticking on the dragonfly and gem flower stickers! If you see they are not sticking how you’d like them to, I suggest using the Tacky Glue.


For this one, I made a hanger out of thin yellow and white ribbon then folded the green organza over and glued it down. You can also tuck the organza under itself rather than gluing. You can also make your hanger different…feel free to experiment here!


Finished Wreath!!! I love it!! 🙂


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