Summer Craft Night

Well, I have glitter all over the house, leftover brownies and chips, and scrap paper on the floor.  That means 1 thing….a successful CRAFT NIGHT!!  🙂  We had so much fun crafting together.  Below is a photo of what we taught each other and got to take home with us:

  • Modge Podge lantern – mine was an ocean theme with subtle glitter.
  • 2 scrapped greeting cards – perfect when you don’t have time to run to the store!
  • A stamped candle – I added orange glitter all the way around it, too.
  • Glittered clothes pin magnets – perfect for hanging photos or kids artwork!
  • Salt scrub with peppermint or lavender essential oils – smells great & leaves skin so soft!

craft night


Depending on your jar/container size, here’s the basic  recipe for the doTERRA Salt Scrub:

  • 1/4 cup regular table salt
  • 1/4 cup coarse kosher salt
  • 1/4 cup non-scented oil (no olive oil, I used sunflower oil but you can choose another type)
  • 6-8 drops doTERRA essential oils, I used peppermint and/or lavender

Mix all ingredients and place in a jar.  To use, simply massage paste into skin, enjoy the aromatherapy session and then rinse.



To shop for these oils, please visit :


Happy 4th!

Happy 4th!


Spring Wreath Tutorial

Hi there!  Here’s a quick tutorial on the Spring or Easter Wreath I made for my Spring Craft Swap recently.  It was so easy and done in no time flat!  Let me know how yours turns out or if you modify it…would LOVE to see some photos too.  Enjoy 🙂


All supplies came from Hobby Lobby. I got wooden “O”‘s, green sparkly organza ribbon about 6 inches wide, various Spring felt stickers, Tacky Glue, and more ribbon to hang my wreath.


Next I cut off about a yard, yard and a half, of the green organza ribbon and wrapped it around the “O”. You can do this loose or tight, overlapping or not…it’s up to you!


Here’s the completely wrapped “O”. Not too shabby!


Now the fun part…sticking on the dragonfly and gem flower stickers! If you see they are not sticking how you’d like them to, I suggest using the Tacky Glue.


For this one, I made a hanger out of thin yellow and white ribbon then folded the green organza over and glued it down. You can also tuck the organza under itself rather than gluing. You can also make your hanger different…feel free to experiment here!


Finished Wreath!!! I love it!! 🙂

Spring Craft Swap

Well, another successful craft swap…this one was Spring themed!  We had a great time crafting, eating, and laughing…such great fellowship.  Which project would you like to try??

  1. Here’s my craft, a simple Spring Wreath with dragonflies and little flowers.  Directions to follow later…SO EASY!

Spring Wreaths

2) Here’s a couple of Easter Bunnies made out of baby wash cloths!  I didn’t finish my yellow bow so he looks a little crazy 🙂

Spring Swap - Bunnies

Towel Bunnies

3) Here’s en Egg Garland made by Modpodging plastic eggs and stringing them on raffia.  MESSY!!!!

Spring Swap - Egg Garland

4) Lastly, a St Patrick’s Day Beaded Necklace.  This was FUN and I can’t wait to wear it to our party!!  I only got half-way done but I love it!

Spring Swap - St Patty's Day Beads



Easy Easter Decorating

I don’t know about you, but I love to decorate the house for all the holidays!  Since Easter is early this year, it gave me an excuse to decorate my dining room table early, too  🙂

I generally keep my decorating simple and inexpensive.  Since we moved recently, locating all my holiday decor has been a bit of a challenge as well, so I am keeping it really easy this Easter.  I got out my all-purpose glass hurricane and cake stand, bunny candles, egg candles, paper eggs, fluffy chicks, and some grass as filler.

Hurricane & Cake Stand Easter Decor

You can get hurricane combos almost anywhere, for any price range.  And for the Easter decor, start at your local craft or hobby shops then hit Target, Walmart, maybe Pier One.  Now’s the time to pick up cute home decor for Easter before it’s all gone!!

Next, I simply placed the grass in the hurricane to help nestle all the eggs.  First the heavy egg candles, then the lighter paper ones.  You can always add more eggs if you’d like.  Last, I placed the cute bunny couple and a glittery egg on the base of the cake stand and let the fluffy pink chicks scamper around them.  Too cute and just a fun little scene!

Easter Decor Scene


Well, I thought I was done at that point….I was SO WRONG!!  As evidenced below, my cats were curious about all the commotion on the dining table; they just had to check it out.  Before I knew it, my little pink chicks were being carried away to certain “death”!!  LOL!!  So, needless to say, I was forced to pack-up my baby chicks for the season…BYE cuties!!

Kitty Stalker!


Overall, I’m happy with my table display.  Very easy, very inexpensive, and now cat friendly, too!!  ENJOY! 🙂

Decorating my half bath

We recently moved into a new home and undertook a remodeling project.  Of course we chose the easiest areas first, which was the half bath.  As you can see from the “before” photo, the previous homeowner loved the color Peach!!  Anyway, the half bath was left BARE…she even took the mirror on the wall so we had quite a blank palate to work with.

Half Bath BEFORE


The whole first floor was this glorious color, which we quickly painted over in warm shades of tan and latte.  We chose Sherwin Williams and are quite happy with the quality and price.  So after painting we shopped around for a mirror and matching accents without overwhelming the small space.

Half Bath AFTER


We still need a little something for the opposite wall but I think we are well on way in completing this project to compliment our taste and family’s lifestyle!  We love it!!  🙂


How about a craft swap night with the girls??

How about a craft swap night with the girls??

So my girlfriends get together at every month or 2 for an evening of crafting. This gives us a chance to catch-up and work on all our fun projects!
Now we’ve been having a craft SWAP! We buy enough supplies to teach each other 1 craft or seasonal decoration. Our limit is $10 per person for all supplies…we all know how it goes at the craft store!! LOL!!
This past Fall we made these cute Halloween goodies: a decoupaged “BOO” sign, a glittery pumpkin, a metal push pin pumpkin, and a pumpkin sugar scrub.
A fun girl’s night and easy decorations to take home 🙂