Summer Craft Night

Well, I have glitter all over the house, leftover brownies and chips, and scrap paper on the floor.  That means 1 thing….a successful CRAFT NIGHT!!  🙂  We had so much fun crafting together.  Below is a photo of what we taught each other and got to take home with us:

  • Modge Podge lantern – mine was an ocean theme with subtle glitter.
  • 2 scrapped greeting cards – perfect when you don’t have time to run to the store!
  • A stamped candle – I added orange glitter all the way around it, too.
  • Glittered clothes pin magnets – perfect for hanging photos or kids artwork!
  • Salt scrub with peppermint or lavender essential oils – smells great & leaves skin so soft!

craft night


Depending on your jar/container size, here’s the basic  recipe for the doTERRA Salt Scrub:

  • 1/4 cup regular table salt
  • 1/4 cup coarse kosher salt
  • 1/4 cup non-scented oil (no olive oil, I used sunflower oil but you can choose another type)
  • 6-8 drops doTERRA essential oils, I used peppermint and/or lavender

Mix all ingredients and place in a jar.  To use, simply massage paste into skin, enjoy the aromatherapy session and then rinse.



To shop for these oils, please visit :


Happy 4th!

Happy 4th!


Spring Craft Swap

Well, another successful craft swap…this one was Spring themed!  We had a great time crafting, eating, and laughing…such great fellowship.  Which project would you like to try??

  1. Here’s my craft, a simple Spring Wreath with dragonflies and little flowers.  Directions to follow later…SO EASY!

Spring Wreaths

2) Here’s a couple of Easter Bunnies made out of baby wash cloths!  I didn’t finish my yellow bow so he looks a little crazy 🙂

Spring Swap - Bunnies

Towel Bunnies

3) Here’s en Egg Garland made by Modpodging plastic eggs and stringing them on raffia.  MESSY!!!!

Spring Swap - Egg Garland

4) Lastly, a St Patrick’s Day Beaded Necklace.  This was FUN and I can’t wait to wear it to our party!!  I only got half-way done but I love it!

Spring Swap - St Patty's Day Beads



How about a craft swap night with the girls??

How about a craft swap night with the girls??

So my girlfriends get together at every month or 2 for an evening of crafting. This gives us a chance to catch-up and work on all our fun projects!
Now we’ve been having a craft SWAP! We buy enough supplies to teach each other 1 craft or seasonal decoration. Our limit is $10 per person for all supplies…we all know how it goes at the craft store!! LOL!!
This past Fall we made these cute Halloween goodies: a decoupaged “BOO” sign, a glittery pumpkin, a metal push pin pumpkin, and a pumpkin sugar scrub.
A fun girl’s night and easy decorations to take home 🙂