Lemon Asparagus Recipe

I happen to love asparagus and all the health benefits that come it, so I was thrilled to come across this while surfing Pinterest recently!!  Blends my love of vegetables, essential oils, and gluten free all into one neat package….with limited prep-time and clean-up.  NICE!!  I think I am going to try this recipe on the BBQ grill while summer is still here.  ENJOY!  🙂

lemon asparagus recipe


Got lime?

I am currently in love with lime!!  I’ve been adding my doTERRA lime essential oil to iced water every day…so refreshing in all this summer heat.  To get my fix of fresh lime, I’ve been adding the juice of 1 lime to my famous homemade guacamole…YUM!  You can also use the essential oils in the guac if you prefer.

I’d love to hear how you incorporate lime into your diet….even if it’s a key lime pie! LOL!  🙂  ENJOY

Lime Benefits

Lime Benefits

Summer Splash

How cool is this!!??   Introducing doTERRA’s Summer Splash essential oil kit!  Perfect for summer entertaining  🙂  Click the picture to take to you a link full of recipes, too.

If you’d like to order, click HERE….I would be blessed to help you include doTERRA in your life  🙂  ENJOY!

summer splash doTERRA oils and recipes

Pesky Summer Bugs

Itchy Bug Relief

Itchy Bug Relief

Oh my, summer bug season is almost upon us!!!  YIKES!!  I got my first bug bites of the season last night while enjoying the evening with my family in the back yard.  Had a great time until my knee started itching like CRAZY!!  I assume it was a mosquito since my poor knee swelled up as usual.  So I found this little article on essential oils aiding in those pesky summer bugs and thought I’d share with you guys.  May have to bathe in this Terra Shield!!  LOL!

I’d love to know what you use to repel these critters….so please leave a comment!  🙂